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At Hamilton's Valet Services, we provide the highest standard of valet and parking management services. We pledge to provide the safest and most user friendly parking service available to our clients who will always greeted by a courteous eager and informative staff member to assist whatever parking and traveling needs. The staff at Hamilton's Valet Services has over 15 years of experience.


Our mission is to provide the best customer service in the business. From the moment you request a quote through the end of your event, Hamilton's Valet Services will be able to assist you with any questions you may have. Our parking attendants are professional and courteous, and our office staff has the experience and knowledge to help guide you through the planning of your event or business plan.


The team has been serving South Florida for over 15 years, providing our clients with courteous, professional and cost-efficient valet parking services. Reliable and secure handling of all vehicles, gracious welcoming of each guest or patron, and a history of integrity are the hallmarks of our company and our mission. Whether you’re hosting an exclusive gathering of the board or are planning a major convention, we can easily, efficiently and expertly handle your valet parking needs.
Our industry-leading processes, systems and valet parking services produce results, maximizing the revenue of your parking assets and your hotel’s overall profitability.




Provide 5 star treatment for all guests since their arrival 

Create a lasting first impression by having your guests met and greeted by a courteous, well groomed, properly dressed with a uniform, and highly trained professional valet attendant.

Offer convenience and assistance to your guests by providing directions and a helping hand with their personal belongings.

Under all parking circumstances, our company creates a customized logistical parking solution for your establishment.

Raise your potential revenue from return visits by guests who only frequent establishments where professional valet service is offered.

Treat your guests to a luxurious service that delivers an immediate impression of the caliber of care they will come to expect from your establishment.

Equipment and incidentals are provided as a standard service; lockable key boxes, signage, radios, cones, and umbrellas.

Show your guests how important their well being is by increasing their security and safety through the added presence from having an attendant on site.

You and your guests can have peace of mind in knowing that we carry complete general liability and garage keepers insurance.

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